Protecting Our Quality Of Life

Fort Bend County has become a national and international destination for families and businesses alike and in the next decade, Fort Bend County will welcome our millionth resident. On Commissioners Court, Mike will promote a pro-worker, pro-family agenda that gives our local business owners and workers the freedom to succeed and continue our region’s growth. Mike will work with our cities and special districts to build upon our long history of careful development and to protect the beauty and the mobility of the communities we all enjoy.

Supporting Our Law Enforcement

Our County has seen a rise in criminal activity and witnessed the dangers of human trafficking, even here in our own communities. Mike will fight to continue our county’s commitment to fully funding law enforcement, and to ensure that our officers have adequate resources to deter and stop crime. Mike understands the need to proactively collaborate between county and city agencies to enforce our laws and keep our communities safe.

Protecting Our Tax Dollars

As our next Commissioner, Mike will fight to eliminate government waste and to maintain strict control against runaway spending. Our Commissioners Court needs to remain firm in the face of massive property appraisal increases and to resist the urge to maximize the tax rate every year. As someone who has run several successful businesses, Mike will be a voice of fiscal responsibility in managing our county’s budget.

Preventing Floods on the Brazos

Flooding along the Brazos River is growing worse every year. With every new storm, the river claims more land and creeps closer to the levees that surround and protect our homes. Mike knows that the technology and the engineering solutions already exist to protect our homes for future generations – but our current leadership has not done enough to solve this crisis! As our next Precinct 4 Commissioner, Mike Khan will immediately go to work to build a regional coalition of our cities, our levee districts, our neighborhoods and our surrounding counties. We must act NOW to pool resources, secure state and federal funding, and to marshal the willpower to subdue the river before it is too late.

Prioritizing County Spending

Mike’s philosophy is to limit the size of government spending to protect and serve the economic freedoms of our citizens. Fort Bend County has one of the largest county budgets in Texas and we can trust Mike to be efficient with our tax dollars. Having run numerous successful businesses through his entire career, Mike knows what must be done to create a conservative budget, manage payroll, and prioritize expenditures. Mike works every day to promote fiscal discipline in his businesses, and he will use that same experience to protect us on Commissioners Court.